First Move

First Move


Everesting ~ An activity in which cyclists ascend and descend a given hill multiple times, to have cumulatively climbed 8,848 meters (the elevation of Mount Everest).

Welcome to SHEveresting (pronounced {shev}-e-resting).

This Thursday, 24 Sept 2020, a group of female cyclists will be undertaking this massive feat to challenge their preconceived limitations and inspire other women to do the same, be it on or off the bike.

Through the SHEveresting challenge, these women are hoping to add to the message of creating a more supportive culture around women on bikes and to showcase the strength and fortitude of women cyclists, as well as raise funds for a worthy cause supporting women’s cycling.

“A significant part of SHEveresting is the fund-raising aspect” Bossi reiterated. “We are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase 9 bicycles to empower women in historically disadvantaged areas, through Khaltsha Cycles’ Learn2Cycle campaign. If you would like to donate please visit our social media handles and click on the link in our bios, or visit our Back a Buddy page”
Full SHEverest squad:

Tegan Phillips, Amy McDougall, Catherine Colyn – athlete, Tyla Setzkorn, Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius, Bianca Silberbauer, Cally Silberbauer, Michaela Lubbe, Carrie van Rensberg, and Marike van Niekerk.

Half SHEverest:
Michelle Heyns, Dominique Leclercq, Kylie Hanekom, Joanna Dobinson, Kasha Dickie, Renata Bossi, and Frankie du Toit on her Trek Bicycle #Slash MTB.

For more information on SHEveresting, contact Renata Bossi on 076 113 2766 or via email at rbossimedia@gmail.com.
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