First Move

First Move

Advendurance Appreciation Post

The events industry has had a pretty rough ride over the past few months. Lockdown has hit us all hard so we’re stoked to finally have numbers to pin, to race, and races to win.

First Move has been working closely with Cycling SA during lockdown and we know first hand the hurdles that event organisers have had to jump through in order to get us back racing.

Advendurance hosted the first Nissan Trailseeker event last weekend, and they’ve set the bar super high for all other events to follow.

The Trailseeker is a stalwart in the SA MTB scene, and they have pushed the envelope even further with their resilience and adaptability. With 4 more races still planned for 2020, there is still a lot of gees to go around.

Fist pumps and high fives!

P.S. Both Jacques JvR Cycling & Jaco Venter will be at the next Trailseeker at Van Gaalen
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